About Bigger Digits


We are excited to announce that we received our Design Patent!  Issued on Aug. 11, 2020.  Our Design Patent number is D892643. This Patent applies to various aspects of our scoreboards unique to tennis scoreboards.

About Bigger Digits

Bigger Digits Tennis Scoreboards is a partnership formed in 2017 by two tennis players, both avid Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) members.  However, it really started several years ago in Roswell, Georgia when Jeff designed and built a custom tennis scoreboard for our neighborhood tennis courts Roswell Georgia.  Jeff’s vision was to provide a tennis scoreboard that was visible from two courts away.  Jeff was not satisfied with the options available with small numbers which were too hard to see from a distance.   Through the years the scoreboards were refurbished to extend their life because they were so admired and successful.   Throughout those many years many visitors playing on our courts always mentioned how much they loved our scoreboards and wished they could have them at their courts.  The overwhelming sentiment was “I can finally see the score”.   After hearing this over a few years the Bigger Digits Tennis Scoreboards partnership was formed.  Now your tennis courts can have exceptional scoreboards visible from a distance. 


Bigger Digits Mission 

Bigger Digits Tennis Scoreboards was founded to provide a tennis scoreboard that can easily be seen by an observer from a distance, easy to use by the players during a tennis match while being made of quality materials for durability and easy to install.