Horizonal Scorboard 1-6

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Horizontal Scoreboard, approximate size is 50 inches long x 13 inches height.  With 9" height numbers visible from 2-3 courts away and ideal for team tennis matches.  Bright red slide score markers associated with the score of the match are also visible from 2-3 courts away.  Made of white PVC plastic and an approximate weight of 8 lbs.  Easy to install on the fence with (4) 8" flexible wires that are plastic coated.  Unit comes pre-assembled and ready to mount on the fence.  Easy to install and we recommend installation be done by two people.  Our mission was to provide a horizontal scoreboard that's durable, clean design, easy to use, comes with all the necessary parts for score keeping and, of course, visual from a distance.  So no more squinting the eyes or asking someone if they can see the score.  There are no other scoreboards offered that have large 9" ht. numbers on a single panel with contrasting red markers included.